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Fencing Notice

According to the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria:

A fencing notice is a formal document that sets out a proposal for construction or repair of a dividing fence or other works that need to be done. The regulations under the Fences Act include a pro forma notice which you can use to cover all the necessary details for your neighbour. The notices are attached at the bottom of this page for you to download, print and use.

The fencing notice includes proposals about the line on which the works should be carried out, the type of works to be carried out, the person to be engaged to undertake the works, an estimate of the cost. and contribution proportions. You can hand the fencing notice to your neighbour personally or send it by post.

Notice to Fence - key words explained

Adjoining Owner - the owner of the land who is given a fencing notice by a neighbour sharing the same boundary

Associated works/subsidiary works - this means any additional work required to allow the fence to be built, or, to allow repairs to be done. For example, the design of the fence, preparing or clearing land, surveying or marking the common boundary or proposed fence line, obtaining approval and using temporary barriers

Common boundary - the dividing line between two properties

Construction material - the type of material used to build the fence, e.g. paling, colorbond

Contribution - the amount of money and the percentage each party will pay, for the fence to be built or repaired, or, for associated works to be done

Dividing fence - a fence located on the common boundary of adjoining lands OR is a fence not built on the common boundary, but its purpose is to separate the properties

Fence - can be a built fence but may also be a ditch an embankment, a hedge or a vegetative barrier that encloses land. It also includes a gate or cattle grid. This does not include a retaining wall/garage or house wall

Fencing Notice - a notice is used to seek agreement about building or repairing a fence, or carrying out other associated works, from a neighbour who shares the same boundary. The notice outlines the proposed works, type of fence and financial contributions from each neighbour

Fencing works - this applies to a wide range of situations such as the construction, replacement, repair, demolition, removal or maintenance of the whole or part of a dividing fence OR the planting, replanting, repair or maintenance of a hedge or vegetative barrier that is the whole or part of a dividing fence OR the cleaning, deepening, enlargement, repair or alteration of a ditch or embankment that is the whole or part of a dividing fence

Notifying owner - is the owner of the land who gives a fencing notice to a neighbour sharing the same boundary